Recent Before & After Photos

Porous Concrete

Does concrete flooring require mitigation? YES it does. Some people think because the area effected with water damages is a concrete floor no mitigation is req... READ MORE

We Work in Walls

When circumstances will not allow you to open the walls for drying the wet areas behind the sheet rock, specialty equipment must be brought in. This commercial ... READ MORE

We Scrub even the Air

Did you know animal feces clean-up is considered a bio hazard? Just as sewage damages within our homes or businesses are considered to be a bio hazard so are an... READ MORE

Pro Mitigation

Even the pros have mishaps! Water damages to glue down carpet. Many people think due to the fact the carpet is glued down there is no need for water mitigatio... READ MORE

Don't Just Replace, Restore!

Not all wet carpets require removal for disposal. When carpet is effected by a clean water source the carpet normally can be saved if mitigation is provided in ... READ MORE

Black Water

Did you know water and sewage damages are separated in 3 different categories? These categories are based on the type of the loss, what type of fluid has contam... READ MORE

Dirty Bathing

How can bathing become dirty? This glass shower door was improperly installed. The framing was out of alignment causing the door to stay slightly open even when... READ MORE

Unexpected Business Interruptions

It was never determined what caused this outside light to arch, setting this wooden store front on fire. It was determined the wooden wall smolder for some time... READ MORE

No Access, No Problem

No access, no problem. This new home owner could not understand why her living room floor was wet and getting wetter and started to smell as few days passed. A... READ MORE

SERVPRO Helping you to Reopen

This restaurant owner suffered water and smoke damages throughout his kitchen due to a fire on his roof top HVAC unit. In this picture you see the drop ceiling... READ MORE