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Keep Rain Outdoors

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

Rain is great for your yard but not to get inside your home.

Many people wake up from a rain storm to a wet basement. It may be from the foundation or could be a pipe leakage, sub pump failure. Many things could have happened and you will want to determine how it happened to get the right person out to repair.

In all the cases though you are going to want to call an expert in helping you to dry out your basement. That expert would be SERVPRO of Washington County.

We can get right to work in getting the water up , drying the structure etc. SERVPRO has the knowledge as to what can be dried and saved and what is better off being throw away. 

Did you know that organic materials like paper, fabric, wood, leather can start to grow mold in as little as a day? Let SERVPRO help you save as much as possible of your things.

SERVPRO of Washington County is here to help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

(301) 797-0677

Hazardous Sewage Water

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

It's certainly not a pleasant topic to discuss...but sewage backups or leaks are very real and very serious issues you could face in your home or business.

Earlier in April we discussed how to tell if the water flooding in your property is clean or contaminated. It's probably the most important to know that sewage water should be assumed to be contaminated and hazardous at all times (until one of our SERVPRO IIRC trained professionals determines otherwise).

Sewage water is typically referred to as category 3 black water. This classification is due to the dangerous contaminants in it. It's important to note that sewage water has the ability to appear clean. This is an instance of top water. If sewage runoff looks clean, it's usually because the waste and contaminants have sunk to the bottom. This water is still categorized as black water; not for the color, but for the risk it carries with it. In most cases of any standing water in your home, it's crucial to understand that just because you can't particularly see the contaminants or just because the water looks clear... doesn't mean that it is safe to try to mitigate yourself.

Our SERVPRO of Washington County crews are specifically trained to deal with hazardous water and how to clean any harmful remnants once the water is drained. Without that training, your knowledge is your most powerful tool to keep from putting yourself at risk upon spotting standing water in your residential or commercial property.

If you experience a sewage backup or sewage related flooding, etc., let us be your first call. We make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Washington County

(301) 797-0677

Let's Learn About Lightning

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Lightning fires most commonly occur during the summer months when afternoon and early evening storms are at their peak. Homes in heavily wooded areas are extra vulnerable to lightning strikes that set the surrounding landscape on fire. Most people might already know this but do they know what to do to help their home could be as easy as installing a lightening rod or the professional term would be a lightning protection system.

These systems are not intended to prevent a strike. Its purpose is to provide a safe path on which the current can be safely directed to the ground. Talk with an expert and find out if you should have a system on your house.

You will also want to help protect the inside of your house during a storm. Lightning can damage the electronics, telephone and other systems in your house connected to an electrical outlet. The easiest way to protect your appliances is to unplug them when you first hear the clap of thunder.

Surge protectors can help but are not fail-proof if the strike is a powerful one. To protect yourself, stay away from all plumbing including toilets, sinks and faucets as the pipes of your house make excellent conductors. Stay off the phone , corded phone scan conduct the lightening and therefore strike you when your on the phone.

Lightening is amazing and beautiful but also deadly. Make sure not to ever forget that!


9/23/2021 (Permalink)

Why use SERVPRO? The toughest part about this question is picking just one answer! Instead of doing it that way, here are a few reasons that you should pick SERVPRO as your go-to disaster mitigation expert.

Things don't always happen between 9 to 5.

You are going to want to call and be heard by a real person. SERVPRO of Washington County is open 27/7/365 days a year. We have a state of the art answering service so that someone can talk to you direct and then get you to the right person to help get this problem on the way to being solved.

All crew members receive the best training in the industry via IICRC. (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

Restore vs Replace Philosophy

The drying and cleaning method allows us to save a lot more than replace. The benefits are cost effective, time saving and it helps to give the customer piece of mind. 

To hear even more reasons just give SERVPRO of Washington County a call and we can answer any of your questions.

Is your Business Ready?

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

How quickly your business is able to return to normal operations after a tornado, fire, or even a flood often depends on emergency planning. It is easy to think that such emergencies are unlikely to hurt your business, because truly they aren't a terribly common occurrence. That said, it is even easier to just take the time to prepare for anything.

Even though every situation is unique, your business can still be prepared. Your commitment to emergency planning will help support your employees, customers, industry colleagues, your local community, and even the country. Additionally, it protects your business investment by giving the facility and company a better chance of survival after various emergencies. 

Be informed:

Know what kinds of emergencies might affect your business and devise a plan to deal with them

Develop a Business Continuity Plan:

Plan which staff, procedures and equipment are undeniably necessary to keep operating. Plan a backup plan for everything. Make a procedure for what to do if your facility isn't accessible or if there are utilities disruptions. 

Make Your Emergency Plan:

Evacuation procedures, shelter-in-place plans, communications procedures for before, during and after an incident. Make them. Practice them at least once a year.

Review Your Insurance Coverage

Promote Family and Individual Preparedness:

Emergency preparedness is a chain reaction. Preparing your business will encourage your employees to prepare their families, their families will encourage their friends, friends encourage other community members, so on and so forth.

Be a leader.

Time and Technology

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

A little water goes a long way in most cases, but especially in terms of water damage. Even the smallest drop of water left to sit after a loss can lead to much bigger problems, including mold. The key to avoiding such mishaps? Proper mitigation and drying techniques. That's why SERVPRO of Washington County should always be your first call when you suspect your home or business has been struck with water damage. Our professionals are specifically trained to use special technology to mitigate properly and efficiently. 

Our SERVPRO trained professionals rely on special technology in multitudes of equipment to see to it that affected areas are completely dry after mitigation. The top 5 pieces of equipment we use are:

  • Moisture Sensors to detect lingering moisture in carpets, baseboards, and walls
  • Moisture Meters determine the actual amount of moisture in different materials. The reading these meters provide aids in the drying process
  • Thermohygrometers measure temperature and relative humidity, this helps calculations for making the environment more conducive to drying procedures
  • Ultra Low-Volume Foggers atomize liquid deodorizing agents which creates a mist for penetrating any odor causing sites. This tool is also useful for injecting fungicides and disinfectant into wall cavities an other hard to reach spaces
  • Thermal Foggers dispense solvent-based solutions via a dense fog. The fog is made up of small particles of deodorizing solutions to neutralize any odors

If this all sounds overwhelming to you, have no fear...SERVPRO is here! Let us worry about the technicalities when it comes to drying your home or business. We have the know how AND the equipment to prevent further damage after a loss that DIY mitigation puts you at risk for.

A Fast Response!

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Washington County will arrive to your home or business quickly, trained and equipped to help people regain control of their lives.

Naturally people become distressed when they experience a loss. One of the most common fear is the loss of control. Our quick response can help ease this fear. 

SERVPRO's guideline is to respond to the insured to arrange service within an hour. SERVPRO of Washington County is always exceeding that guideline of an hour. Call directly to our office any time at (301) 797-0677 in order to speak to a live person.  

Within 4 hours is the guideline to be on site. Again depending on location SERVPRO of Washington County is more than likely going to be there sooner than that to help.

Within 8 business hours of on-site arrival, a verback briefing of the scope will be communicated to the adjuster. 

SERVPRO works directly with the insured's adjuster and make the process of the claim work easy on the assured. SERVPRO can help with the whole process. 

Let SERVPRO of Washington County be there to help you get your life under control if a loss occurs with you. 

SERVPRO of Washington County (301) 797-0677

Fun Summer Nights

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

Who doesn't love sitting outside in the summer and enjoying an outdoor fire?

Those lazy night of summer can be fun but don't get lazy when it comes to the fire.

When you are building a fire pit. Make sure it's downwind of your camp site or any backyard items.

ideally you should clear out a 10 foot radius of space around your pit. Make sure there isn't any tree limbs hanging down as well.

Before you build the fire make sure the weather conditions are in the safe zone. Dry, windy weather for example can be a bad time to have an outdoor fire.

When you have finished enjoying the fire make sure it's out. Even if the embers are gray it doesn't mean it's safe.

Pour water on the fire and then stir it with a shovel to test for any hot spots

Summertime is a great time to be lazy but not when it comes to the fire.

Boarding Up!

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

You always see photos of homes and businesses boarding up before or after some kind of damaging event...but do you know why?

In the case of abandoned buildings, boarded up windows and doors are usually a measure to keep vandals or squatters out of the structure. However, in the event of damage or a loss, this process is to protect not only windows and doors from shattering, breaking, or failing in other ways, but to protect the structure itself.

Our professionally trained crews often times board up your home or business before or during mitigation and remediation to prevent any further damage.

If done incorrectly, the boarding up process could actually cause secondary damages such as additional moisture or even animal intrusion. 

Whether it's fire, storm, or another kind of structural damage, boarding up can be just as dangerous as it is important. Especially if the damage or loss has already occurred. 

The most common reasons to board up your home or business are severe rainstorms, flash flooding, severe thunderstorms, hailstorms, and of course, tornadoes. 

While SERVPRO of Washington County is known to mitigate and remediate fire and water damage, don't forget that we are trained to deal with storm damage as well. Whether it's a tree on your roof, or a flooded basement, we are here to help!

Especially with our rebuild division emerging, SERVPRO of Washington County should be your first call when it comes to recovering and rebuilding after a major storm event. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

Also be sure to keep up with us on all social media because we will tweet or post to Facebook when our area is at risk for potential storm damage.

Storms in the Summer

9/17/2021 (Permalink)

It's dry, hot conditions outside. Who is thinking about flooding? Not many people.

The fact is that flooding can happen at anytime of the year. After long periods of dry weather, the ground can become hard and not able to absorb water from heavy rain fall.

Try to educate yourself about flood conditions before they happen. 

Do you know the difference between a "flood watch" and "flood warning"? A "flood watch" means that a flood is possible in your area. A "flood warning "means flooding is already occurring or will occur soon. You should be prepared to evacuate at a moments notice if needed with a warning. 

If there is a flood warning in your area, the smart thing to do is to evacuate and move to higher ground. Stay there until you know it's safe to return.

Don't try to walk through moving water. Even just 6" of water can make you fall down and only 12" can float most cars. 

Keep yourself informed and safe when there is a chance of flooding. Remember it can happen anytime of the year.