Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Pro Mitigation

Even the pros have mishaps! Water damages to glue down carpet. Many people think due to the fact the carpet is glued down there is no need for water mitigatio... READ MORE

Black Water

Did you know water and sewage damages are separated in 3 different categories? These categories are based on the type of the loss, what type of fluid has contam... READ MORE

Wet Sheet Rock

These pictures show a commercial building which had engineering hardwood flooring in it. Once this type of flooring gets wet, there is a 99.9% chance the produc... READ MORE

Disinfecting Studs

The before picture shows a bathroom which was compromised by raw sewage due to a storm. You can see where we had to cut the sheet rock with flood cuts due to th... READ MORE

When Drains can't do their Job

The pictures shown here are a prime example of what happens when the speedy drain at the bottom of a stairway leading into a basement is clogged with leaves and... READ MORE

Storms Cause all sorts of Trouble

This was a result of a water damage due to a busted underground pipe in a build up the street from the loss location. The building in which the pipe was busted ... READ MORE