Recent Before & After Photos

We've Seen it All

When a customer accidentally turns your business into a business offering drive through services. The business owner was beyond disbelief when he was called an... READ MORE

Creeping Mold

Mold damages are more than an eye sore, they also affect our health. This was the family room below the master bath upstairs. Over time the tub slowly leaked,... READ MORE

Hoarding in the Kitchen

Hoarding is a topic many people do not like to face. Not our team at SERVPRO of Washington County. We like the feeling of accomplishment at the completion of ... READ MORE

Cooking with Fire!

When cooking with grease turns into a grease fire. This homeowner knew just what to do in the case of a grease fire. Do not throw water on the fire, smother i... READ MORE

Sale on Water

This retail store was not able to hold a water sale. We received an early morning phone call due to water damages to the flooring throughout the store. Our c... READ MORE

Salvaging a Kitchen

This client had a fire in their home. The smoke and soot traveled throughout causing extensive damage and odors. SERVPRO of Washington County was called in by... READ MORE